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3 Ways to Help Your Dad Prepare for the Retirement Lifestyle

The transition into retirement is major, not just in a financial sense, but also in nearly every other aspect of a person’s lifestyle.

Your dad guided you through your transitions throughout life’s stages. Now that he’s getting older and the world is constantly changing, there are lots of new things he has to consider. Make sure he has a good plan and knows what to expect for his transition into retirement in this day and age.

Make sure he knows how he wants to spend his new free time.

Your dad already has hobbies and things he’s involved in outside of work. But with more free time than ever, he needs to figure out how he can make those hobbies more prominent components of his everyday life in retirement.

Is he involved in any charitable organizations? He could spend some of his new free time getting more involved with those. Encourage him to reach out and see what opportunities there are for him to help his community, if that’s what’s important to him. Just because he isn’t still working a job for a paycheck doesn’t mean he can’t still do meaningful work.

Does he enjoy golfing, fishing, or painting? Maybe he wants to get into a new exercise routine or learn a new skill. Whatever he likes to do, help him plan for how he can devote more time to it, or help him discover new things to keep him busy and engaged.

Make sure he has a personal cell phone and computer.

If he only uses a company-issued cell phone, he’ll need to get his own and know how to use it. Make sure he gets all his personal contacts and other important data transferred so he doesn’t lose them. He may also need to get a new computer if he relies on one from work to pay bills, send emails, etc. A reliable internet connection is also important.

The ability to keep in touch with loved ones will be essential in retirement when he no longer has his workplace as a major source of human interaction.

Help him adjust his wardrobe.

If he always had to dress up for work, he might want to get more everyday clothes now that he won’t have to follow an office dress code. If he plans on spending more time playing tennis or hiking, have him consider getting more clothing and gear specifically for that.

When he no longer needs to own as many collared shirts and ties, he might want to use more of his closet space and money on attire for what he’ll spend his time doing.

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for the transition into retirement. Having a good plan is very important, so help your dad get ready by making sure he has the resources to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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