Bear Vs. Bull: Is It Time to Take Money Off the Table?

About This Course

Each new year brings with it new market risks, and 2019 is no different. The market rollercoaster can leave even the most seasoned investor feeling a bit uneasy. Luckily, the past year has also brought new and innovative advances in reducing market risk in your portfolio.

Course Objectives

In this one-hour class, we’ll talk about signs that it may be time to reduce or eliminate market risk in your portfolio, and you’ll:

  • Gain insights into the history of market changes and how they may indicate whether to pull or not.
  • Discover how market timing compares to life-stage timing.
  • Conquer the confusion surrounding average rates of return versus actual rates of return.
  • Discover how sequence-of-returns risk is critical during your retirement years.
  • Find out how you could use insurance products in your retirement portfolio allocation.

Get answers to your questions about preparing for — and funding — the retirement you’ve been dreaming of.