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Retirement Activities: Grandkids Edition

With Thanksgiving break swiftly approaching and schools letting out, your home may get a little fuller, a little louder, but definitely more fun for a few days. It might go without saying, but no one likes to stay cooped up in their homes, and your grandkids are no exception! Here are a few ways you can enjoy some quality time with your grandchildren.

Visit your local museum

Museums are a great way for both you and your grandchildren to experience something both educational and entertaining. It’s a nice way to get out, learn something new, and not be confined to a screen! Exploring the past is a great way to open conversations you wouldn’t normally have and even share your own past experiences with your grandkids!

Go for a hike

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy some family time is simply getting out in nature! It’s also a great way to disconnect from the constant buzz of social media, emails, and news alerts. A quick Google search can bring up several parks and hiking trails near you — get out there, get some exercise, and let those grandkids get rid of some energy, too!

Introduce them to your favorite movies

While getting out in nature or learning about history may be fun, an exhausting 2020 may leave some of us wanting to just be still for a moment. With a lack of new movies releasing at this point, this could be your moment to show your grandchildren your childhood heroes and celebrity crushes when you were their age! Perhaps you have some of those movies still lying around, but others are hard to find in-store — don’t worry! There are several streaming services like Criterion that are home to those golden-age films, or they can most likely be found for digital rental if a subscription service doesn’t strike your fancy.

Regardless of what you plan on doing this holiday season, enjoy the time you have with your family. Take a minute to appreciate those in your life and enjoy the moments you all get to spend together!


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