Social Security Income: To Delay or Not to Delay?

About This Course

Over 61 million people currently receive Social Security for retirement income, with almost 45 million of those being retired workers and their families.

You’ve worked hard your entire life and added to Social Security along the way. You deserve to receive more of your money and leave less to Uncle Sam. Originally a tax-free benefit program, Social Security took a shift in the 1980s. Congress passed an amendment in 1983 that allowed up to 50% of Social Security benefits to be taxable. And again, in 1993, another amendment was passed allowing up to 85% of SS benefits to be taxed.2 Are you prepared for the taxes on Social Security?

Course Objectives

In this one-hour class, we’ll talk about questions many retirees have about Social Security, like:

  • When should I start taking Social Security? Age 62? Age 66? Age 70?
  • How can I help reduce taxation on MY Social Security income?
  • How will my Social Security income change if my spouse passes away?
  • How much will my Social Security payments be taxed if I’m still working?
  • What are tax-efficient strategies I can start implementing today?

Isn’t it time you take control of your strategy for Social Security income and potentially reduce unnecessary taxation?