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Technology Tips for Your Online Meeting or Webinar

We have been working to offer more opportunities for current and future retirees to receive the financial education they need to accomplish their financial goals. Technology is a great tool that we can use to protect people during this time and reach even more people. If the process of going digital has made you feel overwhelmed, we want to help make the process easier for you. Here are some helpful things to know before your online meeting or webinar:

How to Register for a Webinar or Meeting

The good news is that the registration process will remain mostly the same. You can still register for a course on the ARI website the same you would for an in-person course. The location will just be online. ARI is currently shifting most of our courses to an online format for the time being. If you have registered for an in-person course, you will receive a notice via email or phone call to inform you of the location change.

If you want to schedule a meeting with a financial professional, you should still be able to call or email them to set up a digital or phone meeting. Many of them have also set up online platforms for you to schedule your appointment on their website. While the process may differ between each person, ask your financial professional what their process is for conducting meetings at this time. Now is the time that you may need financial guidance the most, so make sure that you have a form of communication open with your financial professional.

How to Prepare

Once you have registered for a course, you should receive a confirmation email. The email will include the details for your course and access information. You will need access to a reliable internet connection and a computer that has a webcam and speakers so that you can properly engage in the course. If you don’t have access to that, you should contact the financial educator of the course to schedule a one-on-one meeting so they can provide you with the course information.

For a one-on-one meeting with a financial professional, you can prepare similarly to an in-person meeting. Just make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and are in an area where you can talk without interruption. It may also be helpful to contact the financial professional beforehand to ask them any questions you may have about how to access the virtual meeting.

How to Access the Webinar or Meeting

Be on the lookout for the access information for your ARI course via email. The access email should be sent out within 30 minutes of your scheduled course time. There will be a link in the email for you to click on that will take you to course. The courses will typically be presented through software such as GoToWebinar, Zoom, or a similar platform. You should not have to download any software to access the course.

Virtual meetings will also be held on a similar platform. Because the platform can vary for each financial professional, make sure to confirm which one they will be using.

We understand that the digital shift can be difficult. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, contact your financial professional with any questions you have. They should be able to help walk you through the process. We want to make this transition as easy as possible and help you work toward meeting your financial goals!