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3 Ways to Help Your Mom Feel Special While Social Distancing

Staying away from our loved ones is no fun, especially when we’d normally be getting together soon to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, to keep everyone safe and healthy, it must be done. Luckily, there are many ways we can stay connected and make Mom feel loved and appreciated from a distance.

Send her handwritten letters.

Writing a letter by hand and sending it by mail is much more personal than an email or text message, so it feels extra special to receive one in this age of technology. Handwritten letters are also great because you can save them to look back on in the future. They’ll be tangible memories of this historic, unprecedented experience we’re living through right now. If you have a photo printer at home, you can print out some family photos to send with a letter. You could also include some recipes that you think she’d enjoy — cooking and baking are great ways to pass the time and have some fun while stuck at home. 

Make plans for things to do when you can be together again.

Being isolated has reminded us of the things we took for granted before the pandemic, like being able to see our friends and family, going on vacations, spending holidays together, going out to eat, seeing a movie, or even just visiting with loved ones for a glass of wine and some conversation. Use this time to plan things you can do with Mom when it’s safe to do so. Make a list of restaurants to go to together, movies to see, activities to try, or places to visit. Spending time with family we couldn’t see while isolated will feel so much more special once we’re able to do it again.

Send a gift that will keep her busy.

Though it’s important to take time for ourselves and relax during this time of isolation, it’s also very important to stay busy and keep our minds sharp. With Mother’s Day coming up, this is a great time to send Mom a gift that will give her something to do — a custom puzzle of a family photo, a scrapbooking kit, a streaming device (if she doesn’t already have one), a book of crossword puzzles, or an herb garden kit.

Keep in touch with your loved ones as much as you can. As social creatures, being isolated is hard. Staying connected with family, especially those who are going through this alone, is more important now than ever. Check in on your loved ones regularly to make sure they’re doing OK and to see if they need anything during this difficult time. And remember there will come a day when we can all be together again after all these weeks apart.