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5 Reasons to Attend an American Retirement Institute Course

When preparing for retirement, it’s important to learn as much as you can. One way you can stay up to date is by attending (virtually or in-person) a financial course. But how many times have you shown up to a “class” only to hear a sales pitch geared toward selling you another insurance policy or letting someone else manage your investments? At American Retirement Institute, we don’t believe in that. Our mission is to empower those nearing or in retirement with the latest financial information.

Maybe you’re on the fence if a retirement course could benefit you, and we totally get that. To help your decision-making process, here are five reasons you should register for an ARI course today!

Gain a New Perspective

It is entirely possible that you’ve had the same retirement strategy since you first entered the workforce. But like life, your plan should change as your goals and finances change. When listening to a financial professional, you may hear how others have their retirement income plan structured that might differ from you. It’s when we notice the differences in the world that allows us to change.

Stay Informed

Believe it or not, there is news in the retirement space. From new legislation around tax codes to updated strategies, the financial world is constantly changing. Don’t miss out on something that could be a retirement game-changer due to a lack of information! When you attend an American Retirement Institute course, you’re listening to the latest and greatest information presented by a financial professional with years of experience to explain how this could benefit your retirement needs.

Become an Empowered Consumer

By staying informed, you’re starting to take your own retirement income into your own hands. When you attend an ARI course, you’re not just taking the word of a financial professional, you have a better understanding of common retirement concepts and why they’re used.

Soft Introduction to a New Financial Professional

Shopping around isn’t fun. Regardless if it’s for car insurance, a new doctor, or a retirement professional. There’s always the risk of a “complimentary meeting” turning into an hour-long sales pitch without any valuable information being given. Think of attending a retirement course with American Retirement Institute as a “soft introduction” of sorts! You’ll get the chance to put their knowledge to the test while walking away with some valuable financial information.

Meet Others in Your Stage of Life

Meeting new faces is always fun, but it can also be beneficial. Making connections in a financial classroom setting can help break the ice of the taboo topic of finances, helping you discover how others in your age bracket are preparing themselves for the future.

There’s a lot of information out there about retirement, but you can take comfort in knowing you do have some control when it comes to your income plan. Take that first step by registering for a financial course with American Retirement Institute today!


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