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3 Summer Ideas For Retirees

Your favorite summer events may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean summer is! While many of us are still adhering to social distancing guidelines, there are still opportunities for memories to be made with your loved ones this summer. Here are a few ideas to make your summer just a little more special!

Get outside

If spending months stuck inside our houses has taught us anything, it’s that nature is amazing. Take these warm months as an opportunity to have a change of scenery. Take a walk, start a garden, go to your favorite fishing spot — shake things up and get out there! While some social distancing guidelines are starting to lift, the outdoors is the perfect place to get with loved ones and enjoy their company.

Take a virtual tour

Many in-person summer trips may be canceled, but you can still do some sight-seeing right from home! There are several tourist destinations you can still view online through online tours. Visit the Sistine Chapel or even the Melbourne Zoo.

You may have to get a little creative for some summer fun, but it’s still possible to travel the world, even in a more limited capacity.

Take an online course

Many people have taken this season of life to broaden their horizons, whether that’s cooking, a new language, or other enlightening activities. The same can be done with your understanding of finance and retirement.

Of course, many in-person classes aren’t meeting or are extremely limited on space, so online courses are still a great option and may even be more feasible than driving across town. Now is a great opportunity to discover how you can better prepare for your retirement without having to leave the comfort of your own (air-conditioned) home.

One way to do this is by attending an American Retirement Institute course to learn the latest in retirement, insurance, and finance. Find a class and register today!